Personal mentor programme

Fulfil yourself as a woman; bring out the best from yourself and your life!

Every woman is different, however, all of us are led by desires, aims and aspirations.

I provide personalised solutions to achieve your goals.

Due to the differences, there are no standard and general recipes as to how you can bring out the best of you and your life. I help you within a unique and tailor-made framework, based solely on my experiences.

I believe it is authentic because I can lead you through what I, myself, have also been through. What you can see from me, what you read from me are all the results of the development process that I am now talking about.

What is this programme? If you read further, you can find it out…

Steps and processes during the personal mentor programmes:

The mentor programme begins with life coaching during which we map out and analyse the different areas of your life. This type of self-reflection is important to move forward as this is where we can find out where we should start from.

Afterwards we plan the strategy step by step. You will have exact metrics, aims as well as daily, weekly and monthly tasks in your strategy. These milestones are the basic conditions of your success.

Some people need slower, more empirical learning with broader boundaries, while others need stricter control. The strategy entirely depends on the individual, and therefore I will create it exclusively for you.

The mentoring sessions will assist you in seeing yourself clearer; enabling you to live the life you have always wished for.

Why is it harder to fulfil yourself as a woman without the personal mentor programme?

You have to filter out from various sources of information what really is for you. There are no milestones and personalised tasks. There is no exact control, check, feedback as to how you are progressing. You are always alone for all of these tasks, without professional assistance.

The personal mentor programme is for you if...

… the personal presence; the live, direct and real relationship is important for you.

… you are in a unique situation and therefore you need 100% attention.

… you would like to participate in a fully personalised programme.

… you need continuous motivation and attention that keep you in momentum.

Katalin Gyárfási
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“During the 5-hour coaching, I achieved such results that I had never thought possible even in my most optimistic dreams. I discovered the direction which I need in order to develop. With your questions, you could always move me forward to be able to climb the next step. It was fantastic to use in my everyday life those practices that I learnt from you. Thank you very much.”
Szilvia Bíró-Szigeti
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“Several times I was wondering that if you had not lived through (and survived) those difficult events, we would not have benefited from this power, these experiences and advice. Through all of these, you enrich our lives while you have been through such things that no one would wish for anyone.”
Zsuzsanna Kovács
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“The programme helped me to stand up from the depth, it helped me gather my self-confidence and to change my lifestyle. During this process I lost 12 kilogrammes. Today I am a strong woman who has goals, and I know who I am and what I want, and I also know how I will achieve all of these. And if I get stuck, I can always turn with trust to my leading star for more directions.”

I can help you with personal mentoring in the following areas:

As I wrote above, I do personal mentoring and counselling in topics which I have also been through. I would like to be your authentic assistant, if you have made the decision that you would like to bring the best out of you as a woman. Of course, you do not need to decide in advance which topic you would like to choose during the mentor programme. We will discuss in our first session where we should start from.


Harmony in your relationship

I live in a happy marriage and we have a beautiful son. Besides I manage businesses, I help women, I hold individual counselling, workshops and presentations. I know that it is not easy to manage all of these; moreover, to have a well-balanced relationship is constant hard work. This is what I would like to help you in with relationship training.

  • If you do not know how to harmonise your relationship, your career and your family chores.
  • If you feel that you have no time and energy to keep the passion in your relationship.
  • If you do not know at all how your relationship could be more balanced and happier.

Living your femininity

Many women do not dare to live their femininity, or their self-esteem has almost been fully ruined. Several women cannot build their career while being a wife and/or a mother at the same time. During femininity coaching, we map out the obstacles and find solutions how to realise yourself in all of your feminine roles. It is not rare that we have to begin building this up from the very base, however, this is not a problem at all as the personalised consultation is a great chance for success.

  • Do you not know how to enjoy the feminine existence, and cannot find yourself in feminine roles?
  • Do you not have a family role model on which you can build when living your femininity?
  • Is your self-esteem damaged and you do not know how to rebuild it?

Be brave and start your own business

I was 21 years old when I founded my own business. I defied the commonly stressed advice in business life, that is, do not walk the path that nobody has walked on before you… I rather choose the unknown. I do not regret it! Building up a business from zero, being present at each and every step is a great happiness and a feeling of success. Find the profession that does not mean work for you anymore but rather, there is a passionate, inextinguishable fire burning inside you towards it. I will help you set off on your way and plan your strategy step by step.

  • If you would like to start a business but you feel that you are not self-confident enough for it.
  • If you would like to be independent instead of being an employee but you are afraid of the unknown.
  • If you have plans to start an own business but nobody really supports you.

I am a mother, I am a woman

To become a mother is the greatest joy and at the same time the greatest challenge as well. A child is wonderful but it can also be really tiring. Moreover, women generally take a much larger share from housework. Beside the numerous chores, and many times beside a full-time job, it is difficult to keep being a sexy wife and a woman.  Several women struggle with this, many of them are on the verge of going crazy. They do not know yet how important time management is.  Maximise the 24 hours, prioritise and group the tasks, and juggle with your roles in a professional way. I will teach you how all these are possible.


Woman Power

Your LIFE depends on your self-confidence. Self-confidence is the key to success but unfortunately very few of us are lucky enough to have a sufficient level of it. While in many cases the family role models brought from home pose hindrance, others’ self-confidence might have been damaged by relationships. Of course, it can be practiced but it will look like a strange dance: one step forward, two steps back due to the person’s environment… However, this has an effect on your whole life.

  • Self-confidence can be developed, and I will help you in this process.
  • I will teach you to finally lead your own life, and to be able to bring the best out of you.
  • It will be the best investment of your life, if you strengthen the belief in yourself, to be able to achieve anything you want!

My Body Balance

The beautiful and healthy body is the result of 70% diet and 30% exercise. I will help you with a diet especially made for you so that you can achieve a long-term success and feel yourself well in your body. I will suggest a lifestyle for you which is absolutely personalised and takes your routines into consideration, and which is efficient and can be maintained in the long run.

  • Instead of trendy diets and drastic “losing weight” programmes, it is a tailor-made lifestyle programme.
  • A lifelong solution without torturing yourself.
  • Dietary advice with which your body and your face become beautiful and you will also be fit and energetic.

My basic principles in mentoring

I am neither a therapist nor a doctor. If I feel the need to consult specialists, I do so, and I recommend professional help to you in the given topic.

I do not take on everyone in the programme. During the “INTRO-CALL” it always turns out whether we like each other or not, whether we can find a common ground or not.

It is extremely important for me and it is indispensable for your success that you have to want it and really do your best for the result. It does not work without you.

Alexandra Patkós
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“It is unquestionable that the female world needs Alma. Why I am so sure about this is that I myself have been working with women for 22 years and I offer my knowledge to women. Alma’s complex view, experience and knowledge about the female soul, its existence and survival are exceptional. I am grateful for fate that I got to know her and could learn from her. The consultation with Alma is a unique compass in both business and personal questions. Her easy style and friendliness really speed up the process of opening up and the problems are revealed and defined sooner. I really like her versatility, her thoroughness and her sense of humour. Her life experience, her values regarding relationships and her business sense are exemplary. Her mission, and what she does for women means real social engagement for me. I recommend Alma’s teachings and thoughts to everyone who feels that she is stuck or is a bit uncertain in her feminine roles or in today’s contradicting values, and who would like to see herself and the picture of herself realistically at any age. Those who would like to get closer to the female model who she would like to become.”
Timi Vas
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"I have met Alma 25 times in the last year. I can say without exaggeration that it has been a life-changing experience. I started from very deep down, both mentally and physically, but I have become a completely new person within less than a year. I have never in my life felt so feminine. Moreover, with Alma’s help, I have succeeded in overcoming such medical problems to which doctors only shrugged and let me suffer during the examinations of a 2.5-year-period. Besides, I have become a lot more conscious about my health. I know what to eat, what exercise I have to do and how to fight my own boundaries and doubts. I am grateful to you Alma for enabling me to bring the best out of me with your assistance and directions.”

Fulfil yourself as a woman, be satisfied with yourself inside and outside, life a well-balanced, quality life!

The Absolutely Woman

Mentor programme

How much does it cost?

$790 USD

4×60-minute consultation


If you cancel the previously arranged mentoring session within 24 hours, you will lose this occasion unfortunately.

If you buy a 4-occasion pass, you can use it for 12 weeks. If you need more time, we can discuss it in advance.

After you have bought your pass, you have to start the mentor programme within 2 weeks from the date of the purchase.

We can arrange the meetings in advance in email.

I am flexible with regard to the meeting locations: we can meet in coffee shops, shared offices, or in parks if the weather is pleasant. There is also a possibility for Skype or ZOOM meetings. We can discuss these.

A 15-minute FREE INTRO CALL when you sign up for the mentor programme for the first time.

Before we start working together, you have the possibility to have a 15-minute FREE INTRO CALL with me during which we get to know each other, we talk a bit about the difficulties that you face, the problems to be solved so that I can get a clearer picture and to see whether I can help you.

In my opinion, cooperation is also based on liking each other, therefore you do not have to take any risk and jump into buying a package before you make sure that I really am the right person who can give you assistance and support.

You can request the 15-minute FREE INTRO CALL by clicking on this button below, and I will contact you by email within 4 working days to arrange an appointment.

Signing up

The time to fulfil your feminity has come!

The time has come to get the maximum out of you – as a woman, as a mother, as a businesswoman, as a wife, in harmony with yourself, with self-confidence.

Do you have questions regarding the application process?

If you have any questions regarding the application process, the mentor programme or my services, please contact us at our customer service and we will try to reply to you within a short period of time.


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